Community Service

Community service is considered a beneficial act of service which has a positive effect on the local or wider community. In recent years it has become very popular to do something positive for those around you, no matter how big or small the gesture. There are plenty of opportunities for individuals to take part in community service, and those interested should look out for voluntary programs to enroll in. The service can take place in a variety of locations from a local park to a community centre, and the type of work individuals do is just as varied and rewarding.

What are the different types of community service?

Community service can take place in a variety of locations. It can be:


- Cleaning a park, by collecting rubbish strewn across the ground, or tidying up flower beds and other areas of beauty within the park, in order to make it more attractive for those who use the park.


- Going door to door and collecting all kinds of items that can be sold for charity. The money raised can either benefit the community or support a particular charity or project.


- Maintaining the roadside in order to present a good image of the community to travelers who are staying or passing through as well as clearing away any items that could be potentially hazardous to those driving on the road.


- Volunteering in an elderly home by visiting the centre, building a rapport with the residents and performing small tasks and errands to help them in their daily life. This work can be rewarding as the elderly tend to be quite lonely and appreciate the company.


- Volunteering at a local fire or police station. This type of community service means you will receive training and play a role assisting the local fire brigade or police force in their activities. For many people this can also lead onto a career in one of these institutions.


- Helping to run the local library, by working there for a few days a week. The work will include keeping a list of the hired books, maintaining the facilities and making people aware of the library's services.


- Teaching children with learning disabilities. Children who are dyslexic for example, require extra tuition on a regular basis. In a lot of cases their parents cannot afford to pay for the tuition so the tuition you provide will be invaluable.


- Cleaning streets or community gardens to help out taking time to clear away any refuse and improving the aesthetics where time and effort allow you to.

Who performs Community Service?

There are a variety of people or institutions who partake in community service activities. They are:


- Volunteers, who generally have a lot of time on their hands and want to make a difference to others.


- Youth organizations and schools, who help the community in order to achieve their educational goals.


- Those convicted of a crime will sometimes be sentenced to community service as an act of punishment.


- Companies also send out their employees to volunteer in order to build greater ties with the community.