Beacon Community Service

Community service and volunteer activities are services or items given or donated for the benefit of the general public.  When it is done freely and not by the force of the law then it becomes highly valued in most societies.  The trend these days in some countries has been to make it a requirement in schools and colleges before students can be awarded their certificates and diplomas, in the hope that they may adopt a caring attitude.  But to be truly effective on a large scale, community service is best organised through community-based groups or volunteer organisations with scope for outreach to the communities that need the services.  Beacon Community Service is one such organisation.

What is the Beacon Community Service Organisation?

Beacon Community Service is based in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada and is a community based non-profit organisation dedicated to providing volunteer community services for health, youth employment, housing and shelter, among others in the Capital Regional District.  Their primary mission is to help people help themselves.  The organisation started in 1974 as a community resource centre for the Saanich Peninsula District.  Their need then as now was to address the social challenges facing the community.  Today, numbering around 1,300 employees and 400 volunteers they are involved in a host of community services for the region.

What does the Beacon Community Service Organisation do?

Beacon Community Services provide or sponsor a range of community services in the communities of the Capital Regional District, Canada.  Some of them are listed below:


  • Shelters for children - In collaboration with other community-based organisations, Beacon Community Service sponsor the running of shelters, for example the Out of the Rain Youth Shelter in downtown Victoria.
  • Youth employment through providing information and guidance - The programme encourages the youth to engage in volunteer activities and paid work programmes where they receive training, social skills as well as real life experiences.
  • Family resource programs for child development - Parents and children are involved in early child development programmes aimed at giving children a good start in life.
  • Meals on Wheels – a service to feed the needy - For a small price of $9 (around £5) the organisation’s volunteers deliver a fresh main course meal with dessert to paying members.  The programme has been running for 40 years and serves residents in the Greater Victoria area, the Saanich Peninsula and the Western Communities.
  • Counselling and mental health - Counselling for adults and married couples for dealing with the problems of adult life.  Also psychological rehab services for mental health.
  • Thrift shops - The organisation aims to provide affordable, convenient shopping to residents for clothing, shoes, household furniture, books, accessories and even jewellery.

Where are Beacon Community Service Groups Located?

Beacon Community Services are located in the Capital Regional District, BC in Canada.  They are still a localised community-based organisation serving the Victoria region in British Columbia.


Community service works to correct some of the imbalances that are a fact of life in most modern societies.  Community service organisations fill some of the gaps left by the local authorities and governments.  Beacon Community Service seems to have taken the activity to a whole new level.