Christian Community Service

Have you grown tired of all the hate that you see around you, in the news and every time you go out to your neighbourhood?  Do you have power, fame, and money yet you still feel incomplete?  Contrary to what is painted in posh movies as the ‘high life’, living fully is not only about getting rich, becoming famous, and earning the respect and awe from millions of people who don’t even know you.  Sometimes, giving something to another person, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant it is, is all it takes to make you feel accomplished and complete.  The usual way you can do this is by participating in a Christian ministry or more commonly known as a Christian Community Service.

What is Christian Community Service?

For people who are not familiar with what a Christian Community Service is, it is usually an organized outreach activity that is aimed at providing a type of service that is typically non-accessible to a certain community of people.  The organisers and participants in such activities are usually Christians, although their outreach activities can cater to non-Christians as well.  Some churches combine Christian Community Service to their Christian Ministry in the hopes of improving the lives of a marginalized community and at the same time encourage non-believers to believe in their Christian faith.  However, taking part in a Christian Community Service does not mean that you need to be purely Christian or be recruited into Christianity to seek their assistance.

What does the Christian Community Service do?

Christian Community Services can be anything from soup kitchens, support groups, senior visitation programs, to educational programs for street children-- depending on which marginalised group they would like to provide assistance to.  The approach of a Christian Community Service group can either be formal or informal, depending on what would work best to reach out to the intended audience or recipients of the outreach program.  Such community service activities by Christians do not provide alms or charity in the form of money.  They usually provide medical and dental care, food, supplies, or support in the form of counselling and/or advice in their effort to reach out to people.

Where are Christian Community Service Groups Located?

If you are interested to join a Christian Ministry to join in community service projects, it would be very easy to find a Christian Church in every major English city and town.  Being in a ministry may require you to be at least of legal age to be able to help, although there are a few ministries for youngsters wherein young volunteers are encouraged to help.  If you would like to make your life different and give a little of yourself and of what you have to others, visit a Christian Church near your area and observe their worship services on Sundays.  


If you like the crowd that you see, do not hesitate to approach the minister after services to see if you can be of any help to their outreach services.  A Christian Church usually has a few ministries going on, so you can find the ministry where you can contribute the most with ease.  Before you know it, you are giving selflessly and reaping rewards that cannot be traded for billions, even trillions of pounds: a sense of fulfilment and purpose.