Community Service Foundation

Community service forms an integral part of every community, where volunteers and those sentenced by a court of law to undertake community service join local projects of upliftment and enrichment of the community as a whole.  They can be as simple as donating food or warm clothing to those suffering without or focusing on cleaning and improving the local town or rivers to elaborate projects to build housing for the homeless.  The Community Service Foundation does just that from its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

What is the Community Service Foundation?

The Community Service Foundation is a group focused on aiding local communities where they need it most.  Since their founding in 1957, the group has done a great many things, from opening a centre in Ridgecrest, Florida for young people for education and recreational use to their current operations that involve the construction of low cost housing for the residents of Pinellas County.  The Community Service Foundation was created during 1957 by husband and wife Willis and Lenore Spivey out of their home.  The Foundation was funded from donations from the community as well as from Spivey’s company, the Spivey Company.

What does the Community Service Foundation Do?

The Community Service Foundation focuses on two things – fundraising and projects.


  • The primary fundraising event the Community Service Foundation does is the Annual Golf Classic.  This yearly event is enjoyed by people at any skill level in golf and individuals or corporate sponsored teams can take part.  Directly following the round of golf, participants are rewarded to a huge awards banquet.


  • Each year during National Home Ownership Month, the HOPE Expo takes place.  It is a free informational discussion group for people looking at buying a home and is presented by a great many number of authorities on the subject like lenders, realtors, community based housing companies and many other industry professionals on a yearly basis.  They also hold smaller, monthly seminars.
  • The biggest project undertaken by the Community Service Foundation is their Fair Housing Counselling and Housing placement and Assistance Program.  The fundamentals of this is to provide housing services to those that might not be able to afford it and aid them in finding rental property and housing until they can get permanent housing.  Along with this they will educate the people they help about what their legal rights are in terms of their landlord’s responsibilities to them.

Where are Community Service Foundation Groups Located?

Community Service Foundation offices are located around the world with a heavy focus on both the United States and more specifically Florida.  Regional offices exist in other states and cities too.  Their focus is largely on the local community and helping those that wouldn’t normally be considered for help.

Community service is a great way of giving back to the community.  It can be as much time as you want to donate and there are no rules or limits for this.  The Community Service Foundation is an example of when two people are so passionate about helping their community that they have built a legacy that will carry on helping people long after they’re gone.