Community Service Websites

Community services are organisations and departments that offer assistance to members of the community.  This varies from specialised help, for example for disabled children from the Black Minority Ethnics community to a service that offers play opportunities for children; from a service for elderly people needing help around the home, to services offering home insulation for people at risk.

What are Community Service Websites?

Community service websites are the websites that are owned by the community services (usually voluntary organisations), detailing all the work and activities that are on offer through the service.  Good community service websites will tell you what is available in the area that they cover, which area they cover, whether there are costs involved with the service, what the service is for, who funds the service and much, much more.

What is the Purpose of Community Service Websites?

The purpose of community service websites is mainly to provide information to the members of the community it is trying to serve.  The website should be a central point full of information about events and services, contact details, etc.  Community service websites are a communication tool for the community, but also for other community services, local authorities and government departments.  Often, community service websites will also offer the possibility to offer suggestions to improve a service.

Where Can I Find Community Service Websites?

Community service websites are available online and can be accessed by searching for their names or organisational details on a search engine.  Another way to find community service websites is through the webpage of the local authority that they serve.  Most areas in the United Kingdom will have a voluntary development agency that will be able to provide you with information on community service websites, so long as the community service is a voluntary organisation or registered charity.  Voluntary development agencies generally have a website themselves, as well as dedicated telephone lines.


If the community service you are looking for delivers a service for children, they should be registered with your local families’ information websites.  All families’ information services in the United Kingdom have a dedicated website that will give you information on the services that are available as well as events that are being organised.  You can also contact your local families’ information service by telephone and they will usually also have a desk in a public location where you could visit them in person for information.


Community service websites are an invaluable tool to help members of the community find out what services are available to them and how they can access them.  Finding community service websites is very easy to do, through search engines or other local services that are available across the United Kingdom.  The work of a community service is tremendously important and can allow residents and members of a community to access much needed help, as well as building skills and new social relationships.  And in this day in age, such an organisation needs a website, naturally!