Denso Community Service Group

Community service is a vital part of modern society and fulfils many different roles.  At its base level, community service refers to an individual or group of individuals that are donating time or an activity to benefit the public or a public institution.  While it is true that many people providing community service do so as volunteers, some of the people involved in community service are doing so because they are required to due to being sentenced to it by a court of law in lieu of a crime committed or any number of other things.  For whatever reason, community service remains the number one “give-back” to the community at large and there are companies that like to encourage their staff to do so, like the Denso Community Service Group.

What is the Denso Community Service Group?

The Denso Group is an international company that specialises in supplying and developing technology to the major auto manufacturers the world over.  It employs in excess of 120,000 employees across the globe.  On the Denso Group Community Service Group Day, which varies from country to country, the employees of the Denso group take part in community service initiatives to enrich and uplift the local community.  The Denso Community Service Group is committed to making positive contributions to give back to the community and prides themselves on building strong, lasting relationships with those they help.  Each project is initiated by the company’s associates that take part during November, December and January.

What do the Denso Community Service Group Do?

The Denso Community Service Group undertake a huge range of activities.  Here are some of them.


  • During June, employees in Southfield, Michigan take part in the Rogue River Rescue.  This involves cleaning and improving the Rogue River in the city by removing invasive plants and replacing them with native ones as well as cleaning up the trash in the river.
  • In Long Beach, California, members of the Denso Community Service Group take part in the Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive each November.  They go shopping for groceries to add to a basket, including a turkey and other things needed for a thanksgiving dinner and distribute them to the needy families throughout the city.
  • In Battle Creek, Michigan, Santa’s Helpers – members of the Denso Community Service Group – adopt needy families and provide them with a thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts for the entire family.
  • Members of the Denso Community Service Group in Osceola Arkansas joined the community clean-up initiative in April and helped do simple things like pulling weeds, trimming shrubs and sweeping sidewalks and streets to beatify the downtown area.

Where are Denso Community Service Group Groups Located?

There are Denso Community Service Group representatives in many cities and town across the world on four continents.  There are almost always representatives wherever you’ll find a Denso Group office.


The Denso Group is an example of what companies can do to help the community for the better.  By spending just a few hours or days a year they help to aid and enrich the lives of their fellow human beings.  The Denso Community Service Group is a great example of what a difference small acts of kindness can make to the world around us.