Interfaith Community Service

Community service usually falls into one of four general categories:


  • Donated services or activities provided by volunteers to meet a specific need or to benefit the larger national or global community

  • Service rendered as part of a court order or sentence

  • Service in lieu of serving in a nation's military

  • Service as part of a school project or other educational requirement

When most of us think of community service we are dealing with the first category.  Whether it is due to a disaster, environmental clean-up, or some other cause deemed worthy people will either donate funds or their time or both to meet the need and get the job done.  Often times these community services are on-going such as day care, clinics, and job placement centres.

What is the Interfaith Community Service?

When asked about providers of community service, many people will name a religious organisation.  Whether it is the local parish or a denominational group, religion is often at the centre of providing community service.  In many communities, to share the resource burden the various faiths have joined together to provide interfaith community service.  Interfaith community service is pretty much what the name says.  Regardless of your personal religious belief, you can obtain assistance.  Regardless of the community size, the various denominations have learned that working together to serve the larger good appeals to the entire congregation.


Interfaith community service is supported generally through contributions by the local churches as well as businesses.  Additionally there will be events such as bake sales, carnivals and raffles to raise money as well.  The funds go solely to support the interfaith community service.  In some larger organisations or cities there is a small paid staff to administer the service.  However many operate solely through volunteers.  In some cases the people working in interfaith community centres or groups are there as part of a court order or other involuntary service.  Local governments will also call upon interfaith community service groups to assist with local emergencies.


What the various faiths have learned over the years through interfaith community service groups is that it builds a stronger community.  People from all walks of life and denomination come together to serve the greater good.  This puts into practice the teachings of graciously giving proffered by the various faiths.

What do the Interfaith Community Service Groups do?

Interfaith community service provides a number of services to the community based largely on the need and what they are able to accomplish.  This may include such activities or services as:


  • Homeless shelters
  • Food banks
  • Abuse centres
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Health clinics
  • Day care centres

Where are Interfaith Community Service Groups Located?

Interfaith community service groups can be found in just about any village, town or city.  You only need ask at your local parish or house of worship.  There is no cost involved to join and volunteers are always welcomed.  Donations are also freely accepted. 


Regardless of your personal faith or where you live, there is an interfaith community service centre or group which can use your help.  Whether it is through financial donation, volunteer work, or just supporting a local activity your contribution goes to helping others.  That is what gracious giving is all about as preached by the various faiths.