Local Community Service Association

People who participate in community services know how great this world could be if only we stop becoming too selfish and ponder for a while to see how we can make our community become a better place.  After all, people who ‘have it all’ would tell you that, in the end, money, fame, and glory doesn’t really take you too far.  What matters when you’re gone, six feet under, and nearly forgotten is how people remember you, how fond (or not so fond) they cherish your memory, and the way you have made an impact in their lives.

If the introduction of this article has inspired you to hunt for a community service organization where you can do your part of goodness AND you are currently located in New South Wales, the best place to look for your outreach group is at the Local Community Service Association.  This association can help you find the right community centre where you can be of help and take part in the scattered but global effort of making this world a more caring, loving, and better place.

What is the Local Community Service Association?

The Local Community Service Association, or LCSA, is the head of organisations for neighbourhood charities and community centres located in New South Wales, Australia.  From its foundation in 1974, the Local Community Service Association has strived to consolidate the efforts of numerous community development organisations and to assist them in speaking out their concerns to the proper authorities, policy makers, and government officials.

What does the Local Community Service Association do?

If you aren’t really interested in how community centres keep an organised system of interaction within NSW or Australia for that matter, you won’t really be interested with what the Local Community Service Association does.  However, without the Local Community Service Association, it would be very difficult for community centres, big or small, to work on large-scale projects that can cater to a larger number of needy individuals.  The Local Community Service Association is busy at keeping community centres abreast with updates while assisting these centres to reach out to the government when extra support is needed.

Where is the Local Community Service Association located?

The LCSA is currently based in NSW where it has been of service to numerous outreach communities since 1974.  However, this does not mean that you can no longer become a member if you aren’t based in NSW.  LCSA centres are located all over Australia and you can easily find one in any major Australian city.  For a complete list of LCSA centre addresses, you can visit their official website for further details.


For any small thing you can do for humanity, your act of kindness and selflessness will echo throughout eternity.  With groups like LCSA, people like you who bother helping others in this world of greed and selfishness will find a great avenue where their small effort at reaching out will become consolidated and transform into a larger feat of kindness that can affect more lives and larger crowds.  No one can curse you if your selfless donations are ‘small’; you will, in fact, feel a lot bigger than what you are and you can stand more tall.