NAVCA Community Service Group

Community service groups are organisations that offer essential help for the wellbeing of the community.  Such groups are usually assisted and sponsored by other charitable organisations and volunteer groups, and offer a wide array of services ranging from financial and health issues to crisis support, security or employment services.  People with disabilities are often the subject of community service groups, but these bodies also help children, young mothers or adults facing various problems towards regaining their balance and improving their quality of life. 

What is the NAVCA Community Service Group?

NAVCA stands for National Assistance for Voluntary and Community Action.  This body offers answers to problems that are encountered by people who are running groups or organisations of a charitable nature.  They offer advice, assistance and lots more.  It is a group which was formed to promote and encourage those who are working for the good of others.  It provides information on the best and most cost effective ways to go about things, it helps tackle problems and it works in conjunction with over 400 charities.  It also works with a massive 160,000 local charities and support groups.


It is run by a board of trustees and governors and works alongside organisations and representatives of national bodies towards sustaining the environment.  It is funded by:


  • The Cabinet Office
  • National Lottery Fund
  • Clinks
  • Child Workforce Development Council
  • Department for Education
  • Department of Health
  • Sport England

There are three types of membership:


  • If your group or organisation meets all the necessary requirements, you can become a member.
  • If your group or organisation fulfils all the requirements you can become an afiliate.
  • Individuals who want to help can become a friend.

There is an application form available to download online.

What Do the NAVCA Community Services Groups Do?

The NAVCA community service groups aim to enable people to enrich their lives and the lives of others through voluntary and community work.  They give advice and assistance on matters such as:


  • Health and safety issues
  • Ethics within business
  • Child welfare
  • Finances
  • Risk assessment
  • Security of vulnerable people
  • Crisis support

NAVCA will help people to liaise with voluntary organisations, help provide funding, offer expert information, train people to develop their skills so that they can run successful groups and help to educate in the needs of various sectors of society.  NAVCA Community Services Group work very closely with SKILD: this is a training programme for organisations to assist them in the better running and functioning of their groups.  They also encourage more volunteers.

Where are NAVCA Community Service Groups Located?

NAVCA community service groups are located nationwide and have branches throughout all regions of the UK.  More information on the locations can be accessed via the internet.


NAVCA community service groups are doing vital, on-going work for the community.  They campaign vigorously for the good of the charitable organisations that benefit our society.  They work closely with both local and national governments and are advocates for so many groups and organisations.  Everyone needs a friend and none more so than the NAVCA Community Services Group.