Princes Trust Community Service

Community service carries a number of definitions.  It is a service provided by volunteers or an organisation for the advantage of the public or other institutions.  Another definition is work done by law offenders, usually minors, to serve a sentence or punishment in addition to incarceration time.  The general feature in both definitions is one; community service is helping others.  Most of the time, volunteers provide the workforce during community service.  However, some do not do it out of their own free will; they are compelled to do so, as in the case of those serving their prison time.

What is the Princes Trust Community Service?

Founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales, the Princes Trust is a charity organisation geared to help young people.  Every year since its founding, the Prices Trust Community Service works with 40,000 young people and its success rate is impressive, with 80% of the young people moving into education, training, employment or volunteer programmes.


Throughout the years, it has been the leading charitable organisation in the UK and it continues to help young people who are disadvantaged.  With over one million young people out of employment, education and training, the Princes Trust concentrates its efforts on four main target groups.  These are:


  • Young people underachieving in education
  • Young offenders and ex-offenders
  • Unemployed young people
  • Young People leaving care

What does the Princes Trust Community Service do?

In line with the vision started in 1976, the Princes Trust Community Service has helped over 600,000 young people since 1976 and continues to help more than 100 young ones every day.  The design of the programmes is in such a way that it helps young people in the target group mentioned above to succeed in life.  Since unemployment affects the government by losing £10 million because of lost output, the Princes Trust offers practical and financial assistance through the following methods:


  • The Enterprise Programme - providing financial and moral support for young people to start and manage businesses.
  • The Team Programme - 12 weeks of personal development under training, gaining work experience, practical skills and qualifications.
  • Development Awards - these are small grants that enable young people to access education, training or work.
  • Community Cash Awards- these are grants given to young people to set up projects that will help the community as a whole.
  • Xl Clubs that run in schools, targeting 14-16 year olds, motivating them to attend their classes on a regular basis and stay out of trouble

Where are the Princes Trust Community Service Groups Located?

The Princes Trust Community Service is an international project, spreading throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.  To register as a volunteer for this worthy cause, the applicant has to be an adult with the motivation to help young people.


The Princes Trust Community Service continues to be a beacon of light to many young people in The UK.  It should continue with this worthy cause and continue giving hope to the many young people in the UK.  This is the main reason why it is sought after by numerous people that hope for a better life.