Red Cross Community Service

One simple explanation for community service is that such an organisation brings together a person or a bunch of individuals whose sole purpose is to aid certain groups of people or certain institutions.  The majority of community service groups are based on the work of volunteers who can provide various services for people with needs.

What is Red Cross Community Service?

The Red Cross Community Service is the type of organisation led by volunteers whose aim is to be of service to people that deal with different types of crisis situations.  The Red Cross Community Service helps people regardless of ethnicity or religions, and its volunteers have the skills to provide support on a daily basis.  Thus, the Red Cross can deal with sudden emergencies, and is capable of providing a wide range of services for a community of people that find themselves unable to face certain unfavourable circumstances.

What does the Red Cross Community Service Do?

Persons who face various difficulties and are in need of help and support can benefit from the short-term services that this community group has to offer.  These include:


  • Loans for medical purposes - people can acquire for a short-term period different equipment items such as batch seats or wheelchairs.

  • Means of transportation and escort - individuals who have trouble making important journeys can receive escorts or drivers to help them reach their destinations.

  • Going home after hospital care - the Red Cross can also help patients settle back into their houses after being discharged from the hospital.

  • Therapeutic aid - individuals suffering from various health problems can be given therapeutic massage to help relieve stress and pain. 

  • First aid knowledge - people from vulnerable communities can receive essential information on how to perform lifesaving actions.

  • Finding the whereabouts of relatives and establishing contact - Natural disasters, war and other conflicts and imbalances can separate families that need the tracing services offered by the Red Cross in order to be reunited with their loved ones.

  • Services for refugees - those in need of a temporary place to stay, as well as food and medical services can acquire this sort of help from Red Cross representatives. 

  • Red Cross for young people - addresses the youth to provide support and humanitarian aid for vulnerable people whose age does not allow them to face difficulties by themselves.

Where can you Find Red Cross Community Service Groups?

Since the Red Cross Community Service is an international body, UK citizens can contact the organisation’s offices that are situated in 44 Moorfields, London.  In addition, the Red Cross has branches throughout the country.


In today’s world, people find themselves having needs that can’t be met solely based on their resources.  Whether this help comes in the form of shelter, funds, food supplies etc. unfortunate people can receive the support they need in order to overcome the obstacles that had put their lives on hold.  One such organisation is the Red Cross Community Service, a body that has helped and keeps helping people all over the world.