St Johns Community Service

Community service works to address the imperfections and imbalances that result from life’s inequalities.  Normal people that are disadvantaged for some reason or other need these services most of the time, but the physically and mentally disabled need them even more, and the need to provide them to the disabled is the driving force behind St. John’s Community Services.

What is St. John’s Community Service?

St. John’s Community Service is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of disabled people through developing creative ways to support them and the communities in which they live.  Founded in 1868 after the American Civil War by the parishioners of St. John’s Episcopal Church just across from the White House in Washington DC, the group’s first order of business then was to look after the war victims – homeless and orphaned children, and adults that had been injured and were sick and penniless.


Today the organisation’s mission remains largely unchanged, only expanded and modified to suit the demands of 21st century life.  Besides the traditional needs of disabled people the organisation today helps the disabled and their communities find solutions to such diverse problems as autism, social integration and empowerment and rights advocacy.

What do the St. John’s Community Service Organisations do?

St. John’s Community Service groups work to improve the living conditions of the disabled and help them to become integrated in their communities so that they can be valued and respected.  To achieve this they help the disabled and their communities through the following activities:


  • Education services - Trained staff from the organisation help out in the District of Columbia Public Schools by supporting children between 4 and 22 years who suffer from intellectual disabilities e.g. autism.
  • In-home services - This service is aimed at improving living conditions of disabled adults in their homes through supporting them to take better care of themselves in the areas of hygiene, food preparation, community safety, etc.
  • Employment - The organisation assists people with intellectual disabilities, physical disability, visual impairment, autism, stroke survivors, or those dealing with the effects of substance abuse to find career options and then find and keep their jobs.
  • Community living services - St. John’s Community Services  supports disabled people like former members of institutions to make living arrangements of their choice, for example by deciding which communities they live in, the type of housing to use, even selecting their housemates.

Besides these the organisation also offers consultancy services to local authorities on matters of the disabled and works to foster community participation for the disabled.

Where are St. John’s Community Service Groups Located?

The organisation serves the areas of District of Columbia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Northern Virginia and West Tennessee in the United States.

Disabled people live with many challenges, over and above those that normal people have to deal with.  This calls for special attention if they are to enjoy some measure of happiness and to feel they belong.  St. John’s Community Service attempts to do just that – and the results speak for themselves.