Suffolk Community Service Group

Community service is one of the best ways that you can really empower your local area.  It entails giving something back where it is most needed.  Even the most beautiful of suburbs fall prey to degradation in the form of graffiti, litter and decay.  In the same breath, communities often have a variety of needs.  The skills gap is rife the world over and one of the best and most rewarding ideas can be lending your knowledge or experience to uplift the people in a community for their own development and a sustainable solution for our society.  In this case, working with children is the service that you will provide.  By deciding to get involved, you are effectively serving the community and creating something positive.  It is your legacy to leave.

What is the Suffolk Community Services Group?

The Suffolk Community Service Group are registered organisations who provide an uplifting channel to give back to the community.  They specialise in rehabilitation through working with young children at nursery's and crèches - whether it's part of a rehabilitation programme or by personal choice, getting involved can, in many ways, save lives.  There are also the instances where community service can be extremely therapeutic which is where this important organisation comes in.  People who are differently abled often find that community service is extremely empowering.  This is wherein the importance of these organisations lies.  The group itself operate in the greater Suffolk area and also form part of the national community interface.

What does the Suffolk Community Service Group do?

In a nutshell, The Suffolk Community Service Group is key in a number of areas:


  • Empowering the rehabilitating and differently abled people by giving them responsibility and utilising their skills.
  • Community upliftment in the mutually beneficial relationship between the organisation, children, parents and providers.
  • Skills development.
  • Supporting local development, rehabilitation and law enforcement agencies.
  • Providing tools for growth on an individual and community-based level.

Where is the Suffolk Community Services Group Located?

The Suffolk Community Services Group is a local establishment which can be found in Belfast.  If you are 16 and older try visiting their offices at Suffolk Community Services Group, 124 Stewartstown Road, Belfast, Antrim. Or you could call them on 02898208777.  Either way, get in touch.


Getting involved in your local area can be part of holistically improving your own life as well as the lives of those around you.  There are so many young children who need love, attention and care and you could be part of creating a well-adjusted and happy future generation through offering a short bit of your time on a regular basis.


Similarly, if you know someone who you feel would greatly benefit in getting involved with this project, contact the group on the number above.  Remember, you will be working with children and their safety is the first priority but they will be able to discuss eligibility with you when you call during office hours Monday - Friday.  At the end of the day, you could be an agent for social change through this professional and important group.