Unison Community Service Group

A community service group is meant to provide quality services to its members, helping them reach their individual objectives and acquire a better financial status, health and state of mind.  There are various community services worldwide, and whilst some of them focus solely on specific aspects of a person’s life, others are more general, offering a wide range of services for the welfare of their members.

What is the Unison Community Service Group?

Unison are the biggest union representatives of the British workforce with over 60,000 members.  They work tirelessly for their members, both with them and on their behalf.  Unison Community Services Group is a newly formed section of Unison, dedicated for the wellbeing of the nation´s workers.  


The group ensures that members from every sector are empowered and catered for on both a national and regional basis.  They provide support for their members at all levels and have multi lingual staff on hand when required.  They have funds available to enable them to campaign politically although they remain unbiased.  They campaign on issues both regionally and nationally.  They are anti-racist and also have campaigned about the selling off of council houses.

What does the Unison Community Service Group do?

  • Unison hold national debates about forthcoming campaigns and representatives of all branches are elected to attend.

  • They can provide legal advice for their members and assist with work related problems.

  • Their welfare section is a fully registered charity and is available to help all members.

  • Their debt advice service is given freely and in total confidence.

  • They offer opportunities for improving learning from basic to professional level and grants for educational improvement are also available.

  • Members are entitled to benefits which are paid out in the event of accidents, fatal accident and death.

  • Unison plus members can also benefit from extra advantages in the form of discounts on holidays, mortgages, insurance etc.

Members have access to valuable data on-line.  These contain data on lots of important issues, fact sheets and other information.  Issues covered are racist problems, environmental issues and health and safety matters.

The Unison Community Service Group is concerned with representing all sectors, all races, female workers, youth workers, workers who have a disability and those who have reached or passed retirement.

Where are Unison Community Service Groups Located?

Unison Community Services Groups are located both nationally and regionally. Their head office is in London with regional branches in:


  • Essex
  • Nottingham
  • Newcastle
  • Belfast
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow
  • Somerset
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Cardiff

Each region has many branches ensuring a good national coverage.  Employed people of all ages can become members and benefit from the assistance and support of the Unison Community Service Group.


Unison is a long standing representation of Britain's workforce.  The work that they do is multifaceted.  They are a voice for the workers, a guiding hand, a comfort when times are hard and the power behind the worker.  They fight for workers rights and make sure that workers are not mistreated.  Unfair pay, ill treatment and unfit working conditions are just the tip of the iceberg that they campaign against on behalf of the working man and woman.  The welfare side of their organisation is solely for the benefit and well-being of their members.