Visions Community Service

Non-profit community service groups can be organised around a specific cause or provide needed services within the community that can't be filled otherwise.  The groups are composed mainly of volunteers with some larger groups having a small to medium paid staff.  The expenses for these groups are paid from money raised through various events, donations, and corporate sponsorship and grants.  Many local and international projects could not be completed without these community service groups.

Community service groups are often organised to provide services to disadvantaged people and families, persons or families with special needs, or for job and career development.  There are also many groups which serve the general community through work projects related to the environment or similar concerns.  Youth groups are organised often based on selected age brackets.  These types of groups provide learning as well as social opportunities.

What is the Visions Community Service?

The Visions Community Service is part of the Visions Community and Children's Centre under the Sure Start programme.  The centres offer a number of services to assist families in the surrounding community.  This is accomplished through various sessions and groups which are operated out of the local facility.  There are sessions which focus on new mothers to provide guidance on raising their new child.  They also have sessions to help the unemployed find work suitable for their skills.


Related to that are many support groups.  These groups provide a regular meeting of people with similar needs to share their lives and learn from each other.  There are groups for young parents, new parents, parents of multiple births, and parents of children with Down's syndrome.  In conjunction with the NHS, Visions Community Service also assists families with registering for the Healthy Start program and receiving their free vouchers.  The centres also provide assistance for people seeking employment through Jobcentre Plus.  The Visions Community Service staff will assist with accessing the online system and guidance on how to use it.

What do the Visions Community Service Groups do?

Visions Community Service provides a number of services to the local community.  These services focus on young families and families with new born and pre-school children.  Among the services offered are:


  • Drop-in activity sessions for children
  • Family support services and activities
  • Child and family health services
  • Active parental involvement
  • Effective links with Jobcentre Plus

Vision community service centres are supported by donations and corporate sponsorship from such groups as:


  • Rutland County Council
  • Casterton Business and Enterprise College
  • Rutland Adult Learning
  • the Department for Children, Schools, and Families

Where are Visions Community Service Groups Located?

Visions community service centres are located in three areas within Rutland.  The main facility is in Casterton and the other centres are in Uppingham and Oakham.  There is no cost for using the centres.  Vision community service sessions and groups meet at various times and dates.  You can contact the local centre to find out when a particular session or group meets.


If you live in the Rutland area and have small children you might want to check out the local Vision community service centre.  Their groups and sessions may just be what you need to help you care for your children.  They can also provide you a comfortable setting to relax and have tea with others in the same situation and share experiences.