Community Service Camps

Community services are provided to improve the quality of life of members of a community.  This is incredibly wide-ranging, from a bingo club for senior citizens to crèches for parents of low incomes; from after school clubs to activities for disabled children; from alcohol prevention programmes to drug counselling and so on.

What are Community Service Camps?

Community service camps are mainly found in the United States.  In essence, they offer summer camps for teenagers and children with a focus on giving back to a community.  For example, a trip could be organised to India to help children in the slums.

What is the Purpose of Community Service Camps?

The purpose of community service camps is very wide.  It wants to provide children and young people with fun and spirit, as well as instilling in them community values and teaching them that other people the world over are not so lucky and require assistance.

Where Can I Find Community Service Camps?

There are many community service camps in the United States and many of these have websites that you can access.  Many schools are also in contact with these clubs, as they generally run over the summer holidays, when children and young people have time available away from school.  Local authorities are also able to provide information.


Some of the best known community service camps are:


  • Lifeworks International – they provide summer camps that focus on service and adventure, taking them across the world to provide hands-on learning, including improving leadership skills.  It also brings the teenagers face to face with the realities of the world and instils in them values of community spirit.

  • Action Quest Voyages – these only work together with community services that are already in existence, as this proves that the additional work that is done by the community service camp is needed and that this need has been demonstrated.  It gives young people the opportunity to travel whilst volunteering for important projects across the world.

  • Volunteers for Peace – Volunteers for peace offers young people the opportunity to volunteer in projects that promote peace.  More than 28,000 volunteers have been exchanged through Volunteers for Peace since it was founded and it offers young people the opportunity to see the world (both the good and bad sides!), whilst making a valuable contribution to communities that have been affected by wars.

  • Princeton University – this university encourages its students to take part in community service events and runs camps that focus on improving the communities through volunteering.

Community service camps are generally created for young people to take part in during school holidays.  They will be sent across the globe to benefit not only the communities in which they will volunteer, but also the young people, as they are given the opportunity to travel and see the world, learn new and important skills (communication, leadership, adaptability, etc…) and learn about the importance of community spirits and giving back to those less fortunate.  Community service camps always offer volunteer work, meaning that young people do not get paid for the work they do.