Community Service Clubs

A community service is a service that is provided to members of a community to enhance their quality of life.  This can be helping elderly citizens in their homes, or providing a play group for children and young people.  It can also be a service that is provided to give back to the community, such as prisoners doing road side cleaning. 

What are Community Service Clubs?

Many community service clubs are part of a larger organisation and will provide services to the communities they are based in, or further afield.  Some, for example, are internationally based and anyone becoming a member of the club will be expected to give back to the community.

What is the Purpose of Community Service Clubs?

Many community service clubs are very exclusive and will charge large fees for membership.  It is felt that those who are able to afford this are privileged and should be sensitive to the needs of those who are not as lucky.  It is therefore expected of members to provide services back to their community.  Many do this by performing physical community services, such as planting greenery, others will raise money for other community services.  Many community service clubs also organise fundraising events for important causes, such as local schools, or national charities.

Where Can I Find Community Service Clubs?

Community service clubs can be found the world over.  Some of the best known community service clubs are:


  • Rotary International – an exclusive organisation, membership includes high flying business people for example.  A Rotarian is expected to be involved in their club and community.  They are responsible for many service projects the world over.

  • Richmond University – these bring together students at the university to assist in fundraising events that give back to the community.

  • The Masons – the Masons are one of the biggest community service clubs in the world.  In the United States alone, they raise over half a billion dollars a year to give back to the community and they support hospitals, burn centres, learning centres, teacher training specific for children at risk of harm, veteran’s hospital, drug prevention programmes and much, much more.


Community service clubs are generally clubs that gather for reasons other than providing a community service.  However, being a member of a club means you are a member of a community.  It is often thanks to this recognition that clubs feel they should give back to the communities they live and operate in. 


Community service clubs recognise the privileged position they are in and are often in a position where they can recognise failings in services that exist in a community.  For example, a doctor and a social worker may be a member of the same club and identify there is a gap for children that are admitted to hospital and suffer from mental health issues.  The services that community service clubs give back to the community are invaluable and need to be applauded and recognised.  The Masons and the Rotarians particularly are clubs that truly give back to their communities.