Community Service in Schools

In this time of economic recession (depression), community services have become more and more important.  They provide services to hard to reach and at risk families (of all ages, backgrounds and make-up), to ensure they have a better quality of life.  Community services are generally provided by charities and are voluntary organisations, meaning that its members do not get paid for the services they provide.

What is Community Service in Schools?

It has been recognised that in order to change the world for the better, the youngest members of communities need to be targeted and educated.  If the value of community service is to be recognised, it needs to be made sure that children and young people understand the importance of communities and are given a sense of community service.  This is done by organising community service in schools, allowing children to learn new skills (communication and leadership for example) and instil on them the values of being a member of a community and respecting diversity.

What is the Purpose of Community Service in Schools?

Community service in schools aims to teach children and young people that they are valuable members of a community and that they should invest their time in the rest of the community.  This is done by different projects, such as sending kids out into the community to raise money for charity or on work experiences in voluntary organisations, but also by schools themselves giving back to the community, for example by allowing their premises to be used for community activities free of charge.

Where Can I Find Community Service in Schools?

Most schools will offer some form of community service in school.  Some of the most famous ones are:


  • The King’s School Canterbury – these make their premises available to local activities, as well as encouraging their pupils to volunteer their time in local charity shops for example.  They also organise regular charity events to raise money for community projects.

  • The King’s College School in Wimbledon – this school ensures that every Friday afternoon their pupils from Year 10 and above perform a volunteering service in the community.  Some of the activities have included learning support, giving ICT training to elderly residents of the community, visiting homeless shelters and much, much more.

Most schools understand and believe in the importance of community service and will actively encourage their pupils to take part in community service in schools.  This means that they will provide a service to their communities’ residents, by volunteering in a variety of different projects that serves all members of the community. 


Schools themselves also play their part, by offering the time of their pupils, the expertise of their teachers and often resources available through the school, such as meeting rooms (including maintenance of that room and the use of equipment that is available in the school).  Community service in schools is hugely important not just for the service it provides to the community as a whole, but also because of the additional skills and values it instils in its pupils.