Community Service in the Home

Community services are services that are offered to members of a community to increase their quality of life, be that socially, financially, educationally or physically.  There are many different types of community services, most of which support people from hard to reach or disadvantaged backgrounds, such as the elderly, minority groups, the disabled and those living below the poverty line.  Services themselves vary from activities to education to just having someone to talk to.

What is Community Service in the Home?

Community service in the home is a service that is delivered in the home of the member of the community that it is serving.  This type of service is usually provided to people with disabilities or the elderly, who struggle with mobility for a variety of reasons.

What is the Purpose of Community Service in the Home?

A community service in the home serves many purposes.  For example:


  • Social contact – many people who have mobility problems are completely housebound.  The elderly in particular often have few friends left and family that lives far away, and they can become lonely.  This puts their emotional wellbeing at risk, but potentially also their physical safety.  If they experience a slip, trip or fall, for example, no one might know about it.  A community service in the home can offer that life line of support that is so valuable.

  • Personal development – one well known community service in the home is a library, where librarians bring books to those who are housebound, for whatever reason.  Many people can benefit from these types of programmes, as they can learn and develop their own knowledge and skills.

  • Safety – often, children who are placed on a child protection register or are identified as a child in need, will receive a community service in the home.  This has many benefits, not in the least the ability to check on the safety of the child, but also to allow the parents to develop better parenting skills and to monitor the development of the child.

These are but some of the purposes of a community service in the home.

Where Can I Find a Community Service in the Home?

An example of a well established community service in the home in the United Kingdom is Home-Start.  They operate across the United Kingdom and believe that all children are allowed a happy and secure childhood, and that this can only be achieved through excellent parenting.  Their service employs volunteers only, most of them parents, who visit families in the home.  Home support is given to parents who just need a chat or who need help in finding activities for their children.  A Home-Start volunteer will, for example, come in the home for an informal chat and then accompany the parent(s) and child(ren) to a playground or community centre.


A community service in the home, in other words, is a service that allows all members of the community to achieve their maximum potential and to enjoy their lives in a positive manner, be this through social contacts, physical assistance, or anything else.