Community Services Courses

Community service courses are those designed to give aspiring community service workers the skills necessary to prepare them for a fulfilling career in community service.  With these skills the community service worker is then able to provide a range of interventions and services to clients in both residential and community settings.

If you would like to reach out to members of your community that need assistance and a helping hand then these courses are for you.  Some of the skills and specialisations you get include those required to work as a substance abuse counsellor, a mental health worker, a counsellor advocate for abused women and children, a child and youth worker, community worker, family support worker, life skills coach, and so many more fulfilling career options.

What are Community Services Courses?

Community services courses are for those individuals who would like to make a difference in their communities through helping the disadvantaged members of those communities by offering services and interventions as needed to improve the quality of life for these members of the community.  Many dedicated organisations exist these days that provide community services to such people but they need specialists and professionals that are trained to provide the services.  These courses are provided in an effort to fill that gap.


Traditionally the colleges and universities, although some of them have enjoined, sometimes even required, their students to offer some sort of community service as part of their education experience, they have only recently started to offer courses in community service training.

What is the Purpose of Community Services Courses?

Students that graduate with a qualification in community services go on to enjoy fulfilling careers in the following community service sectors and many more:


  • Child and youth worker - Children and the youth today are some of the most disadvantaged groups in some communities.  Working with these groups offers challenges and opportunities for care providers.
  • Community support worker (Outreach and Development)
  • Drug and alcohol abuse counsellor
  • Mental health worker

Where can I Find Community Services Courses?

As mentioned before most universities and colleges have not traditionally offered these courses.  To find a college or university that offers the courses you want then the online option seems to be the best.  A number of institutions advertise these courses but you need to find one near you.  Another good place to start is to inquire at the college or university near you.  If they do not offer the courses themselves they may suggest other options.  The community service organisations are another source as the education institutions sometimes approach them when designing these courses.  You can try making enquiries from an organisation that is active in your area.


Community service has become an attractive and very fulfilling vocation, just like the traditional health care professions of medicine, psychiatry and the like.  The financial rewards may not compare perhaps, but for the person that feels for the disadvantaged members of their community, or the environment, that may be of secondary importance.  Community services courses may be available at a college or university near you.