Creative Community Services

Community service is gaining more in popularity.  With the recession still going on and governments and local authorities contemplating budget cutbacks, more and more disadvantaged groups find themselves at a crossroads and need assistance from individuals and groups like Creative Community Services.

What is Creative Community Services?

Creative Community Services (CCS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing therapeutic foster care to children aged 3 to 18 with developmental disabilities, as well as home-based support for adults with these same disabilities.  The organisation was founded in 1982 in Georgia USA and for a while only provided services to adults.  In 1988 the program was expanded to provide services to children and currently handles 45 to 50 cases on-going.

With therapeutic foster care the organisation works to place the children with developmental disabilities in the homes of suitably selected and trained foster parents, thereby giving the children their only chance to live in a community setting, away from an institution.  The children in need of this service are those with special needs, like learning disabilities, emotional and behavioural difficulties and those living with trauma from abuse, neglect, etc.  Foster care gives the children an opportunity for safety and security, unconditional love and care and learning necessary life skills.

What do Creative Community Services do?

CCS works to give children and adults hope through creating the conditions for independent living so they can become ‘involved, engaged citizens and community members.’  They aim to achieve this by providing the following services:


  • Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) - CCS sees therapeutic foster care as a viable alternative to expensive psychiatric care and treatment or institutionalisation.  The children are instead placed in carefully chosen homes of suitably matched and trained foster parents.  The program is then further supported through the provision of regular parenting classes, books and videos, psychological counselling, on-call support, and regular professional support and consultation.
  • Adventure Youth Program - This service is a form of outdoor therapy.  The children spend time at a base camp somewhere in North Georgia under the guidance of trained personnel.  For the children this week-end or week-long excursion comes as a break and an opportunity to improve life skills and resolve issues in a safe atmosphere – and have fun of course.
  • Respite care - This is a service to give the children and their foster parents time off away from each other.  The children are taken away from their foster homes for a brief period to give them – and the parents – time to resolve crises, or simply get a much-needed break.
  • Adults with Developmental Disabilities - For adults living with this type of disability the group offers one-on-one interaction between trained staff members and the disabled in their homes.  The service aims to equip the adults with self-help and social skills, and developing job skills based on individual abilities, etc.

Where are Creative Community Services Located?

CCS operates in the State of Georgia although some of the people they support may come from other parts of the United States.


Community service today calls for an element of creativity.  Not only are we getting more and more special-needs disadvantaged groups of people all the time, but even the interventions needed to address their specific needs call for new approaches.  Creative Community Services has found a unique approach for dealing with the needs of persons living with developmental disability.