Army community service

Utilizing the army is not always about piece keeping missions. Army community service has played an important role in some areas of the UK helping the surrounding local communities and getting involved in country wide projects.

The Salvation Army is one such service where part time volunteer soldiers give to the community and also help support the armed forces on piece keeping missions. They have been a part of many communities for years providing day care schemes.

The Salvation Army’s service to the community

Army community service through The Salvation Army relies on funding from local government authorities and grants to provide a valuable service along with the correct facilities to do so. Public donations also fund the activities through fund raising events and charity boxes.

There are many community service organisations in the UK being assisted by The Salvation Army. Funds can also be gathered by allowing these committees to use the facilities The Salvation Army has giving the local community services an additional place where projects can be run.

Some of the functions provided by The Salvation Army are to help members of society gain a place in society:


  • Personal self development
  • Confidence building programs to create confidence and self esteem in individuals
  • Socialising and meeting new people
  • Helping people to stay active and keep their minds fresh

Active situations where army community service has been called upon

The army has helped with huge government projects in the past. Natural disasters where torrential rain and strong winds have affected areas in the UK as well as flash flooding have all been situations where the armies’ services have been required.

Army bases within a community generally try to help in the community as much as possible. This means any projects that require the use of the army’s heavy duty hardware and expertise in situations where contract equipment may have been needed. Extensive fires or emergency medical situations have all been called upon in the past.

Sometimes the army’s community service is beneficial to the community and to the army. Rescue situations in mountainous land or close to sea are also the army’s speciality. While helping the local community the army actually get to practise real life situations where they may be required to perform similar rescue situations on the battle field.

Army community service projects

Apart from being able to help in some skilled areas of operation that require the army’s muscle there are other areas the army provides community service in the way of community programs helping develop the local population.


  • School clubs
  • School show and tell sessions
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Refugee assistance
  • Police Assistance
  • Sleeping bag distribution
  • Health groups
  • Mealtime clubs

Some of the work carried out is to use the army’s facilities to give assistance to government projects in the community to help those in need.

The main concept of the army is to help on piece keeping missions and protect the interest of national security. The British army actually plays a wider role than only this. There is also the Salvation Army that has been involved in army community service projects for many years. Both services are a valuable asset to the UK and are part of the foundation laid down in communities to give UK citizens every chance to live and lead a quality life.