Dental Community Services

There are many people that cannot get dental care within their own local dentist. Dental community services are aimed at providing the necessary treatment to those who are struggling to get the necessary care required.

Dental community services involve work through charities or a government agency putting the dentists working in this field of dentistry into a number community schemes.  

Dental care in the community

Elderly, disabled, mental illness patients and young children who require dental treatment are all catered for under dental community services. Qualifying this type of health care could require a visit to any local CAB centre or through a community government service in the area. A community dentist could be the answer to neglected teeth due to problems getting proper dental attention.

Dental community services operate in a number of places:


  • Nursing homes
  • Community medical centres
  • Mobile dental clinic - coming closer into communities for those who cannot get out
  • Home visits are also part of the job

Some of the projects involved in dental community services work include school visits to survey a random set of children to ensure parents are making sure their children are receiving adequate teeth checkups.

Other visits could be to local elderly homes and also to homeless shelters where dentists can offer some kind of assistance to those who probably would not have had a chance otherwise.

The range of work performed is huge and the community dentists are the people who are the forefront of the operations.

Dental community centres

Many areas have community dental help. In most cases they can be found either working independently, within a hospital, in a local GP clinic or local health centre. Contacting local authorities is the easiest way to seek out a dental community services clinic. They will be able to give you websites or telephone numbers so you can check directly to see if you qualify.

Community dentists

Community dentists are generally paid for their work by a charity organisation. The rewarding aspects of working as a community dentist are the challenging tasks the job can present outside of the usually dentist clinics job role criteria. There are several projects that are undertaken including research in many of the areas listed in the section above.

The jobs can vary as a community dentist and some centres work a shift pattern between the duties being performed whereas others have dentists with set duties.

School dentist nurses are not an uncommon job role as well as visiting local communities bring the dentist to the house using mobile dentists.

All dentists hired are expected to have passed all the necessary national criteria before taking on their role.

Dental community service is yet another great public service in the UK. With the cost of living so high also prices of proper dental care are skyrocketing at an equal rate. Community dentists are qualified professional dentists paid under charity or governmental schemes offering help even in peoples own homes if this is the only way for a patient to receive the treatment needed.