Health Community Services

Health community services come under a wide range of community services provided and like any other scheme it can be broken down into categories according the particular area of expertise.

Health concerns covers a massive area and is probably one of the widest spread community services projects.


  • Dentistry
  • Seniors (Old age)
  • Mental health
  • Disability
  • Sexual health
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Blood programs
  • Children, families and youth

The NHS plays a huge role in the running of the schemes and is closely connected with many projects providing ambulance services and assistance. Systems are based on voluntary work and other paid through charity schemes or government funding providing staff and equipment.

How does the scheme help the community?

Centres are helpful to fight against some of societies most well known problems. The pressure of life can be too much for some people who turned to drugs, or on the other hand senior citizens may be struggling with no family. Without health community services these people generally could have no money or way of helping themselves as well as faced with having to deal with their problems alone.

Health community services help improve the face of an area by helping people in need and keeping those who are healthy so they remain healthy. Supporting the community to remain aware and healthy lends a hand to keeping the countries working population from becoming sick while giving those a chance that need. Healthy communities are a driving engine behind any country’s long term success and health community centres play an important role.

Health community services employees

Employees are trained in the field they work in. The more specialised the field the more restricted the range of potential candidates for the role becomes. Doctors, psychologists, dentists, child care workers all need specific qualifications and vigorous back ground checks before being able to undertake any such role within the health community services sector. Whether a job is paid work or voluntary the same checks apply before applications are successful.

The array of health sectors is so vast training schemes are not always provided by the organisation providing the service. This mainly applies to doctors. In cases such as drug councillors and sexual health advisors training is often before and during the job.

Where can I find health community services?

Most areas have health community services centres spread around nearby towns or cities. Some maybe a shared facility with a private medical facility and some are part of a community centre. Hospitals often have sections inside or nearby providing a service for most health problems that are covered through a health community services scheme.

The three best places to find advice are:


  • NHS
  • CAB
  • Local authorities

In the case of children school nurses are usually well adept to service in the area.
Health community services serve an integral part of keeping the country’s population healthy. The range of services is broad with home medical attention to medical centres carried out by qualified and trained staff. There are many organisations that can help with a huge diversity of problems and can be found by looking at your local authorities’ services list or CAB centre.