Integrated Community Services

Community service has become an integral part of society where volunteers and specialized services come together to improve quality of life. Integrated community service is targeted towards helping individuals within the community who have disabilities.

Disabilities affect people of all ages. Some people are born with a disability while others develop problems later in life as well as cases which are caused through accidents. Integrated community services aim to provide assistance across the board plus allow them to help others who have a common disability they are finding hard to cope with.

Integrated community services help those with disabilities help the community

Suffering from a disability does not mean there is nothing out there to keep busy. Many of the disabled population still want to work and integrated community services assists in putting anyone who has the desire to work into a scheme that would benefit the community. This isn’t to say there is no work out there that is paid work for disabled people, but not all live an area where suitable work can be located.

With the government already paying benefits to those who are hindered from doing certain jobs due to their disability voluntary work is a suitable way of giving back to society. Not only giving back to society many disabled people are pleased there are positions out there where they can utilize skills they posses.

The range of jobs available depends and as with any job it is down to what the individual has to offer. There is always something available if the disability is not too severe.

Children with disabilities

Services for children are there to bring children together who suffer disabilities. This is a great way for social interaction and also gives the children a chance to meet people who have something in common.

Local councils will have information for these groups and how to find out if a child is eligible or not. These services also offer 24 hour support as well as medical care for parents who find it difficult to cope with having a disabled child.

These groups not only help disabled children they also assist parents and offer support in this area to. It is not only the children who are at a disadvantage. Parenthood is difficult enough and preparing for a new born baby offers its own challenge. Preparing for a disabled baby will in most cases put additional strain on families who need to then prepare further to cater for a disabled member of the family. Integrated community service takes into account not only the child but the parents also.

Assisting people who need to cope

An integrated community service is also a way for people who have developed a disability later in life or inherited it through an accident to get help. Support groups can join together to where similar people can be found in similar situations.

Integrated community service is just one part of a huge community service project instigated by local councils and volunteers across the UK. To become involved in any area local government offices and local council websites are a good place to source information. For the disabled community integrated community services are out there to assist those with disabilities to be part of a community service project.