Mental Health Community Service

Any Mental Health Community Service is there to support those in need, there are a broad range of services available in our communities with the sole purpose of bringing the necessary support to those that require it. A lot of mental health issues are treated by your doctor, a nurse or an alternative care worker at home or in your doctor’s surgery. Being treated while as an outpatient at your hospital is also a possibility.

There are many a Mental Health Community Service available to help support you with your medical care, speak to your health worker to find out if you are eligible. Some services may require payment or at least a contribution towards them, after a “means test” has been completed to establish what your income and capital is. Once the test is complete the decision will be taken on whether you need to pay or contribute to the Mental Health Community Service you require.

A community care worker will give you advice on:


  • How you can access employment, voluntary work or education
  • any form of financial support and benefits
  • What and where some local facilities are, and how to use them

Day Care

Day care centres are run by voluntary organisations which offer you the support and social activities required to assist you. Alternatively you may choose a befriending service, these are one to one support and are again run by voluntary organisations, and the volunteers are specially trained to give you friendship and support on a much more personal level. You don’t need a referral for this scheme, just go along and ask.

Another Mental Health Community Service supplied by local councils is the Help At Home scheme, where they can provide meals on wheels and laundry services along with some home help. For this service you will require a community care assessment. Finally there is the Supporting people programme, which is there to give advice and support to make things easier in life. Services can include cooking, budgeting and paying bills.


A Mental Health Community Service can help you with any kind of accommodation needs, whether you need supported housing or a group home, therapeutic community, hostel or care home. All of which will offer you the support and advice and counselling that you will require to help you. Staffed and run either by the local council here in the UK or by a voluntary organisation. Whether you desire a short term stay at a hostel or a more permanent care, there will be something for you. Speak to your health worker and ask for information on all of these options, and they will assist you with what you need to do.


All of the above accommodation will require a means test to determine whether or not you will have to pay. You can always take a look online for alternatives, or for more information on what has been discussed here, but your first point of call is always your doctor or health worker for the advice you need.