Music Community Service

Music within Volunteer Work

When doing some form of Music Community Service it has lots of advantages, it makes you feel good to be doing your own part in a small way to help those who have some form of special needs and care. The joy you can give to people, and when you see the smile on their faces it makes everything seem worth it. Depending on where you play and the group you play in front whether it’s in a hospital ward, a nursing home for the elderly, or some kind of care home for the disabled, it will really humble you and give you a great feeling inside to know you have made their day that little bit better.


Here are some places you might try and see if they will let you play some music for them,


  • Nursing Homes
  • Care Homes
  • Hospital Wards
  • Scout Groups
  • Hostels

You get to practise, on your own or in a band in front of an audience. So it will help you in that way too, to gain the experience and confidence needed within your music. But the main reason people want to do this kind of volunteer work is to try and help to put some smiles on faces, do a little part towards making somebody else’s day that bit brighter. Its these volunteers that really put most of the UK to shame, any kind of charity work or volunteer work is very commendable, but the UK lacks in enthusiasts.

How To Get Involved

If you are interested in doing some Music Community Service and have never ventured into it before, it may be quite daunting or confusing about how to go about it. But really it’s not, you just need to get in contact with a few of the local places mentioned above, why not search online to find out the whereabouts of these locations, and some contact numbers to speak to them. Perhaps there are email contacts online to go through.


If you are looking for other volunteers like yourself to perhaps play with or ask for advice, again looking online is a very good place to start. If you can find a group of musicians who regularly take part in this kind of volunteer work, perhaps they will be happy to have you join them. They are more than likely to be happy to give you any advice, as they are similar to you, they want to bring joy to those who have suffered or who are suffering as we speak and there is no competition, just friends.


Many of the sick or disabled or elderly people in care homes or hospitals up and down the country have little or no entertainment to think of, it can be incredibly frustrating and boring if you are unable to do the things you want, so you can be that breath of fresh air for them. Bring them your own brand of Music Community Service; go put some joy in their hearts.