Nursing Home Community Service

A nursing home community service will be offered by your local government, if you require full time support and care, whether you are elderly or have mental disabilities. For these needs a nursing home can provide you with all and everything required to make you comfortable. With specialist qualified staff and support members, and the facilities to take good and proper care of you.

What is a Nursing Home?

 A nursing home, skilled nursing unit or rest home will provide a specialist type of care for its residents. Designed to support residents who require a constant level of nursing care, and who also have deficiencies with the activity of general daily living. Residents can include elderly patients and younger patients with mental or physical disabilities. These residents can also receive occupational, physical and many other rehabilitative therapies.

What Nursing Home Community Service Is Right for Me in the UK

The nursing homes here in the UK are regulated by different organisations depending on which part of the British Isles you are located. Before you can enter a care home, you will need an assessment of your needs and of your financial situation, all to be done by your local council. Also, if you require nursing care, you will also have an assessment by a qualified nurse. All care homes in the UK are means tested.


Means testing means that, an assessment is made on your needs, and on your income and any capital of which you own. Then a decision is made on what percentage you need to pay towards the nursing home community service, the remaining amount will be paid for by the council.


The NHS in the UK will have the full responsibility of paying for the whole placement if it is deemed the resident in the care home with nursing matches the criteria for a continued level of care from the NHS. There is a process called a multi disciplinary assessment which is used to identify if this is necessary by the NHS.


Care homes in the UK are regulated by different organisations dependant on which country they are based. In England its by Care Quality Commission, Wales its Care Standards Inspectorate For Wales, the Scottish have the Scottish Commission For The Regulation Of Care and its the Regulation And Quality Improvement Authority In N.I.

Where Can I Find Information on a Nursing Home Community Service?

  • Speak to your doctor
  • Go see your Health Worker
  • Talk directly to your Council
  • Citizens Advice
  • Look Around Online for information, perhaps from your local government website

Those are your best methods of getting the advice you need, your personal doctor is always a good start, and he or she can point you to many or one of the other nursing home community services that could be available to you. Regarding what benefits and rights you have from your local council, its best to go see them, and let them advise you on what things may cost you.