Online Community Service

An online community service is often offered by your local council in the UK, all your local services can be accessed and advice given. Whether it’s regarding any benefits or social care needs, health or educational support, these can all be found online or by speaking with your council directly. Each local government will offer a wide range of different online community service.

  • Benefits advice and support
  • Health advice and information on where to get the help
  • Help with disabilities and the services they offer
  • Pensioner advice, and care home support
  • Housing needs

That is just a few of the current online community service available to you.


The government has in place, its guidelines and procedures for all kinds of benefits, which may or not vary slightly from each local government. Many people will qualify for all kinds of benefits ranging from income support, to disability benefits, and child support needs. Speak to your local government for any advice on what you may or may not qualify for, or go to their website, you find most of your questions will be answered on there.

Housing Needs

If you are out of work, and have nowhere to live, you can qualify for council housing or housing from a private housing association, or maybe a short term accommodation at a hostel, depending on your needs, your local government can help you. Housing waiting lists can be long so you could be waiting up to 2 years for a placement, depending on your current circumstances. Of course families with children involved will be top priority, then after that you have the elderly and single women, single men will foot the lists. If you live on the streets, with no roof over your head then that also will put you higher up in priority. Remember, most council bodies will offer you one place, if you refuse that place you can end up right back down on the list for another year or two.

Health Advice

If you are seeking advice about any kind of health issues, of course its always best to speak to your doctor first, he can advise you on the many of support options the local council and voluntary organisations can offer you. Alternatively you can speak directly to your local council for advice, either in person or through email or their website. An online community service will be there for you, one that suits you and your needs. Whether its help and support for a disability, being blind or deaf, or a long standing health issue, make sure you speak to the people in the know, you may be surprised about what is on offer.


So go seek the advice you need, you can find your local councils website with ease to locate the online community service, or if you are not too computer literate, head to their city hall. The citizens advice bureau is always a very good place for information, with their friendly and personal service, other than that, speak to a health worker or your doctor for some impartial advice on your needs.