Youth Community Service

Many children are in need of support and adult guidance that do not have the luxury of gaining important life’s experience at home gain from youth community service schemes. These projects aim to improve children’s awareness helping them to make the right decisions and think about how what they do now may affect them in the future.

Probably one of the most well known programs in the UK today is the Youth Community Service (YCS). The program is aimed at children learning ethics and becoming leaders. Children are not only given educational activities to pursue, but also there are energetic activities provided including, camping trips, sports, community projects etc…

The YCS scheme is just one way of bringing children together and giving them responsibility. There are many more systems that aim at the local community and more constant long term support when compared to the ideas of the YCS.

In many inner city areas crime and gang activity can lead children into a life of drugs as well as violence. To educate the youths growing up these within these societies youth community centres have established projects to deal with these issues.

Youth support groups for young offenders

There are systems that teach children about the judicial practices in the UK where youths who have been arrested under the age of 18 attend. Children can discover what happens if they continue their path of crime and don’t take a stand to educate themselves. Often ex convicts or drug addicts will come to the meetings as a volunteer to explain to the kids how their lives had been affected by the bad decisions they had made when they were young.

Youth Training Schemes

Youth training schemes has probably the broadest range of projects running. In fact almost any scheme involving children requires a certain amount of training.

This area of youth community service teaches youngsters skills they will need in the future to establish a stable career path. Older participates closer to the age of 18 may choose to specialise in a particular skill to enter into his or her already chosen trade.

These schemes of curriculum based certificate awards that can also help to enroll into higher education eventually gaining a degree.

Care centres for children

Many children are born into unstable family environments and children must be taken from their parent or parents. Other cases include parents who cannot continue to take care of their child or children who have lost their parents and have no family. Youth community service helps to fight a whole number of issues to educate children and bring them into a civilized world.

Other schemes helping youths of today

  • Local sports events – Football, boxing plus more.
  • Foster care
  • Nursing and health services
  • Disabled youths centres
  • Church groups
  • CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau

There are many other schemes not mentioned where youths are able to gain access to help and many f these organizations are now trying to get these children in need to reach out for help instead of waiting to be found. Youth community service gives hope for youngsters who may potentially be facing a bleak future without adult support.