Benefits of Community Service

Community Service in the U.K

People around the United Kingdom are recognizing that community service offers a chance to balance the mundane daily working world with something a little more fulfilling. Each year, millions of British citizens engage in some community service provision. The benefits of participating in community service extend to both the individuals participating in the work as well as the beneficiaries who the programs are looking to serve. Working in your community, regardless of the capacity which you choose, can make a big difference in both the lives of others as well as your own.

This article seeks to outline some of the potential considerations when you are thinking about getting involved in community services, as well as the benefits that arise from participating. For further information, a simple internet search will often help provide you with further details on specific programs or initiatives. Regardless of how you choose to get involved, participating in community service can be a powerful instrument for change.

Finding a community service that appeals to you

Community service organizations can vary widely, ranging in size, scope, objective and organizational structure. At the sub-national government level (districts, municipalities or boroughs), there are typically a wide range of community services that are in use. These are typically larger organizations which receive public funding (flowing from tax revenues of the jurisdiction), and as such, can support not only volunteers but often times paid employees. For some people, who wish to devote a larger part of their life towards helping provide these social goods, the prospect of paid work in community services is extremely appealing.

Outside of the government community services, there are also a number of other options which provide critical community services. These range from small domestic non-governmental organizations which typically operate at the grass-roots level within the country, working with people on the ground, to larger international non-government organizations which have programs in a number of different countries and places. Depending on whether you wish to get involved in community services domestically or abroad, you may wish to consider some of these options.

Types of services provided

Community service organizations also deliver a wide range of different programs with different benefits and beneficiaries involved. These can range from public health interventions, focusing on disease control, water and sanitation, sexual health and well being, or advocacy and fundraising for such diseases as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, to education related programs, to environmental and wildlife preservation, to social programs that provide services for the young, the elderly, the disabled or other marginalized sections of the population.


Depending on your background and training as well as your interests, you might find any number of different community services programs to be rewarding. A useful place to start is to catalogue your skills and training, the social areas of interest you have, and the geographic frame in which you wish to focus (whether locally, nationally or internationally). This will help you narrow your focus when searching for an appropriate community service organization.