Concept of Community Service

The Importance of Community Service

The value of community service cannot be overstated, since even the smallest voluntary acts can make a huge difference to the lives of individuals. Community service can be defined as an unselfish act of improving the wider community in order to provide better services to the individuals who make up the community. In these tough economic times, the voluntary sector is playing a larger role in communities throughout the world, and therefore community services are becoming more popular as more people aspire to volunteer. Individuals can chose the element of community service that they feel will best benefit the wider community or do voluntary work in an area they are interested in. As long as it is beneficial, then it is community service.

How is the concept of community service carried out?

For those seeking to do community service, then there are a variety of options available to you that you should consider:


- Cleaning a public space. This could be anything from a park to an untidy wasteland which has gone untouched. For those who don't mind manual labour then it is an ideal way to help your community and hopefully make it more pleasant for people to live in.

- Collecting people's old possessions. They can then be sold on to raise money for charity or be handed out to needy members of the community.

- Volunteering for one of the emergency services in the community. The fire service and the police force can often be understaffed in a community, meaning it cannot do the necessary work it needs to do. By volunteering, you can help them protect the community from potential danger.

- Volunteering for community institutions. The local library for instance will often require volunteers to ensure its upkeep and make sure the community is aware of its valuable services.

- Helping those less fortunate. The disabled, the elderly and the homeless often require assistance in their daily lives. Depending on your area of expertise you could be well-placed to make a difference to their lives.

Why is the concept of community service upheld?

The idea of community service has been around for centuries. It is beneficial to everyone in the community.


- The practitioner of community service benefits spiritually from the work they do. It is invigorating to the soul. Added to this, they can learn valuable life skills and have something to put on their CV.

- The recipients of community service can find their lives are immeasurably changed for the better. They are able to get more out of their existence thanks to the kind work of others.


This is why all types of people are engaging in community service. Many companies are melting their hard profit-grabbing images by financing community projects and encouraging their employees to get involved and make a difference. Criminals are being punished by being made to do community service, and although it is forced, it allows them to see the benefit of hard work and working with people in a team. Moreover, they are able to witness the effects of a positive action.