What is Community Service

How to Define Community Service

The term community service has all kinds of connotations to consider. It essentially refers to the act of doing a good deed for your community, in order to improve it for those around you. Throughout the world, people are dedicating their spare time to this kind of voluntary service. There should be plenty of opportunities to get involved in something like this in your own community. You should check with your local community centre to get an idea of what kind of voluntary programs they run, so you can pick something to get involved in that you believe your community needs. If you prefer to be more pro-active, then it is fairly simple to set something up to improve the lives of others around you.

What do people usually to do to help their community?

There are a broad range of options to help out your community. Below is a list of ideas that you can take inspiration from.


- Your local park will be crying out for volunteers to keep it looking beautiful so your community can derive pleasure from walking throughout its grounds. Flowers need to be planted in flower beds and playgrounds need to be built for local children, and there are often community drives to make these kinds of things happen.

- Cleaning up roadsides is a popular act of community service. It sends a positive message to people driving through your community, that it is a pleasant place to live. It also helps to prevent road accidents.

- Volunteering at a local institution. This could be at an emergency service, such as the police or fire station. You will be trained and help keep your community safe. It could also be at an old people's home, where you would visit their residence a few times per week and help them with errands or keep them company. Doing work like this is very satisfying.

- There are often programs set up for children with learning disabilities. You can offer you educational expertise free of charge to offer them some much needed tuition. This will improve their self confidence and help them catch up with their class-mates.

- Your local library will often require volunteers to keep it open, so your community has access to books. This means working there a few times per week to keep the book collection organized and check in and checkout borrowed books.

- Collecting for charity is an important part of community service. The items you collect from people can be sold on for a charitable cause or donated to those less fortunate.

What are the requirements for taking part in community service?

All manner of people are able to perform community service, and no one should ever be prevented from doing so. However, the most common groups or individuals who perform community service tasks are:


- Companies. They give back to the community with the profits they make in order to build ties with local people. This could be donating some of their profits to building a playground or a community centre, and getting their employees to help in the construction.

- Youth organizations. School pupils or scouts often do community service to improve their grades or learn some valuable life skills and the importance of helping others.


- Criminals. Although made to do community service as part of their punishment, community service can help them reform their ways and become respected citizens.